Feature Kitchen – Peterborough and Montreal

This week feature kitchen is the Peterborough and Montreal which is the perfect example of ‘old meets new’. This Peterborough and Montreal combination will attract all it admires with its modern, monochromatic look which is enhanced with its magnificent rustic central island. Inspired by the chemist’s shop of old, the electric island design with infinite amount of draws with the leather handle strap and open crate boxes will not only offer ample storage space, it will also create an important focal point in the room.


There is an added texture and warmth to the room which is provided by the islands prominent sandblasted oak finish, which is then topped off with a granite worktop. The Peterborough door has a unique chamfered appearance and is punctuated by various accessories including a contemporary style over mantle.


The Peterborough doors and cupboards all have soft closing hinges which gives an elegant touch to the design. Not only are the doors and cupboards soft close, but so are the integrated appliances such as the NEFF dishwasher, and the NEFF slide and hide oven that provides slick access to the oven by hiding the door and allows easy access while taking your items in and out of the oven.


The Peterborough wine rack is an instant feature with its mirrored background and hanging glasses from the top. It is the ideal showstopper feature for when you have guests over and can also be hidden when you do not want to have it on display with its soft closing doors. This design feature provides ample storage for your wine bottles and glasses.


The end curved cupboards give the Peterborough kitchen extra storage that you need but whilst softening the look with the rounded edges on both the base units and tall units. Curved corner posts add extra softness to the wall units to continue this design element. Along the top of the kitchen are glass cabinets that break up the Gun Metal Grey cupboards making it a feature but keeping it subtle by adding spots lights inside and framing the kitchen area.


Finally, our statement Montreal island provides the wow factor with its stunning Graphite Orinoco worktop.


Article by Mia Ward-Palmer